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The practice of Divination has been with us since the most distant ages. On the face of it, most divination systems seem to be more or less the same phenomenon but with slightly different methods.

For example astrology using the influence of planets, Ouija boards and Tarot Cards harnessing the spiritual energy of the participants.

In fact the phenomenon of divination is much more complex. Some divinatory practices require direct spiritual contact, some require simple mind energy, and others like the Tarot need human psychological effects to work.

The practice of Divination has other uses. These tend not to be spiritual applications. Prospectors for Water, Oil, Gold or Rare Earth ores employ geologists to seek out their target. Occasionally, they also use Diviners. These are not the Mystic Mildreds of the Mining world but Natural Diviners who have perfected the techniques of tuning into our planet natural vibrations.

The Fool represents the enquirer on the journey through life. The Enquirer has natural gifts, is filled with hope and is ready to take risks. The world they live in is full of opportunities but is unforgiving.

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