Electronic Voice Phenomenon

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The answer to the question about who can become an Electronic Voice Phenomenon researcher, or experimenter is that almost anyone with the natural curiosity and inclination can. You can invest thousands in sophisticated equipment, or you can spend hardly anything on some inexpensive recording equipment. You can work on your own or join together with some like minded inquisitive chums to form your own investigative research group

Electronic Voice Phenomenon in some ways displays a paranormal quality which might group it along with Remote Viewing, Dowsing, and Spiritualist Churches.

However, a difference is that with Remote Viewing, Spiritualism, and Dowsing, the effect is almost exclusively manifested through the agency of a human being. Electronic Voice Phenomenon on the other hand manifests itself through the agency of a machine.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon results can be corroborated.

For those who believe that these messages are simply a route to contact those who have passed over, prepare to be astonished.

The truth is even more interesting!

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