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EXORCISM: For many, the chance to make contact with the spirit of a loved one is a source of comfort. But what if the spirit which appears is malevolent or rather disturbed and possibly violent?

Mercifully, whilst malevolent spirits are rare they can be encountered. Sometimes their activity takes the form of moving objects around. These spirits are known as Poltergeists. They can be unsettling and have often caused people to move house.
Of course noisy or destructive spirits need not be malevolent. Often they are disturbed spirits who have lost their way and remain unhappily Earth-bound when really they want to be at peace

In earlier times, exorcism was conducted using bell, candle and book. More recently a less religious procedure is applied where quite simply direct contact is attempted with the spirit.

On the basis that the spirit may be lost or confused and then remain in limbo, exorcists will invoke them and then direct them. That usually takes the form of the exorcist standing and pointing skyward at the same time as commanding the spirit to see the Light and then to go towards the Light so that they can be with their loved ones once again and be at peace.

The direction of pointing seems almost immaterial it many exorcists will not point to the sky but maybe towards a distant horizon.

This direct approach to troubled spirits is quite effective. Malevolent spirits are a little more tricky. Here, some sort of public forgiveness is helpful. That can be followed by the pointing procedure and perhaps a little salesmanship and gentle persuasion to the effect that all that they ever wanted is waiting for them at the Light.

It is known from the accounts of Near Death survivors that a bright white light will appear beckoning them towards.

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