Faith Healing

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Faith Healing is a specialist branch of psychic and spirit work. The natural sensitivity which many psychics and mediums possess makes them ideally suited to helping others to heal themselves through the power of Spirit.

How does Faith Healing work?

Faith healing is also known sometimes as spiritual healing or psychic healing. There are also specialist branches such as Reiki and Tao Healing

Whilst the usual healing is done by laying on of hands that is by no means an essential. In the Christian churches and some Spiritualist churches the healer will literally place his hands on the person, usually their head. They will then summon or invoke spiritual healing power to enter them and be conducted through their hands into the body of the person receiving the healing.

Other healers will apply their hands to the affected part of the personís body and invoke the healing power to go straight to the source of trouble.

Faith Healing is not an alternative to Medical treatment. It can and does help. There is clinical evidence to prove that the power of prayer can assist the ill to recover.

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How does Medical Healing work?

Since the 1960s modern medicine has tended to rely increasingly on ever more powerful drugs. Many of these are highly effective and many people who would not have survived in earlier times now do so. The use of drugs in Cancer treatment has been spectacular in some fields.

The advance of high tech surgical procedures often produces near miraculous outcomes.

But even here, the help which comes from Faith healing can be appreciable. There are many poor souls confined to bed by an illness who can be stirred simply by a kindly surgeon or GP sitting next to them and offering comfort.

In earlier times, most doctors would take the patients hand and physically comfort them. Today, political correct nonsense probably makes that illegal or exposes the doctor to a possible lawsuit.

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