Learn Psychic Skills and Mediumship

The Institute of Psychic Practitioners BCM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX Great Britain
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You can learn to develop your natural psychic skills and become a Diviner, a Psychic Practitioner, a Psychic Medium or a Spiritualist Medium

Psychic Practitioner [Dip.P.P.] You can become a successful Psychic and develop your own natural psychic powers. We all have the ability; all that we need to do is to unlock our own powers. The college’s course enables you to do that in a very practical way, the techniques used to connect with and harness spiritual power. Topics covered include a general introduction to the underlying philosophy which enables us to understand why effects work, the nature of psychic energy, learning to listen, discovering the incredible spirit web and communicating through it, psychic self-protection, psychic sightseeing, using psychic power for personal improvement and achievement, spirit guides, hauntings and exorcism, using psychic tools, magic, people as clients. Successful psychics enjoy high earnings by helping others... a spiritually beautiful win-win concept which you too can enjoy through the college’s course and the support it gives throughout and after graduation. raduation.

Psychic Mediumship [Dip.Div.] Learn to be a Spiritualist able to command a Hall in a Spiritualist Church or private venue. Learn the skills of Cold Reading and how those techniques can be used without fraud or deceit to help others make a connection with a deceased loved one. Understand the techniques of stage acting which are required and how to manage an audience. Develop your performances using self-hypnosis to improve and enhance your ability to help others in an audience, a small group such as a séance or at one to one readings. Examine how you can develop a good income as a Spiritualist or a Psychic Medium.

Psychometry [Dip.Div.] Psychometry is the study and practice of divination by touch. We can touch a person or an object connected with them and be able to translate the energy flow into messages of relevance. The college’s course covers learning to see through touch, how psychometry works, the basics of psychic touching, enhancing our sense of touch, developing our power, empathy, psychometry reading techniques, precautions and protections, and personal empowerment. Psychometry is a useful skill which can be applied in Paranormal Investigation.

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Course [Dip. Hyp] When you want to empower yourself to help others and earn a Prince’s ransom by helping those others, the college’s course on hypnosis and hypnotherapy is designed specifically to help you. You will be able to discover the many altered states of awareness used in hypnotherapy, self-improvement, past-life regression, remote viewing, psychic insight and spiritual understanding. You will learn to earn a high income [part or full time]. You will be able to learn about the History of hypnosis, the nature of hypnosis, the inner secrets of hypnosis, the psychology of hypnosis, trance induction, deepening procedures, self-hypnosis training techniques, a first consultation, stop smoking/habit problems, sleep problems, dream therapy, weight problems, fears, phobias and stress, skin disorders, pain control, past life regression/future life progression, remote viewing, performance enhancement, group therapies, whether people can be hypnotized without them knowing [YES, they can!] getting started in a practice. Developing a successful high earning consultancy. If they can do it so can you ! All that you need is the right support.] The college offers you that support now ...

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