Past Life Regression

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Past Life Regressionists use hypnosis to enable their clients to visit earlier lives. Some also offer the chance to visit lives yet to come. There are different theories about how past life regression works. In brief they fall into one of two possibilities.

The first theory is that the human creativity released by the hypnotic trance state enables the subject to conjure previous lives. In that way, they are said to be false memories the result purely of imagination.

However, all Regressionist record their sessions because their clients want to hear what went on. Also those recordings provide a record

whereby investigators can check the facts. Quite often those investigations reveal a connection between the subject’s experiences and real people and events in the past.

The second theory is that the effect is a straightforward real effect which is enabled by some natural human ability which presently we do not fully understand.

The exploration of past lives is not a purely idle or self-indulgent pursuit. There can be real gains. Obviously satisfying our normal human curiosity about ourselves and our families is one very important gain.

However, some authors use it to help them research a novel. That can be useful to historical novel writers and science fiction writers who may explore future lives.

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The Swiss psychologist and philosopher, Professor Carl Gustav Jung discussed some of the mysteries which form parts of our lives but which are little understood. He drew attention to the possibility of a shared consciousness.

Such a phenomenon might easily explain past-life regression by allowing that when we are born we arrive here with certain innate knowledge such as, for example, how to walk. It is only a little step further to allow that this process enables us to carry other memories. One does not even require a spiritual appreciation of existence to understand that.

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