Past Life Regression

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In the debate on past life regression there is a large body of evidence which may incline one to the belief that lost memory syndrome is purely a product of the human imagination. In lost memory therapies (now widely discredited as false memories) subjectís recount earlier sexual abuse.

Two criticisms have been brought forward to question this. In one it is said that the human mind is capable of imaging all sorts of things and, being this creative powerhouse, will produce the most salacious tales of supposed or alleged early experiences. In the other, it is postulated that the hypnotist, consciously or otherwise, directs the subject towards revealing certain outcomes, such as, and typically, sexual abuse.

These discussions are a special area of investigation and intuitive reasoning leads us to the deep suspicion that such explanations may well explain many of the false memories associated with such investigations. So what do such problems as hypnotherapist-lead and subject creativity have for the concept of Past-life Regression?

Each of us has needs. Hypnosis can help and lead a subject to enjoy a fuller richer life. What if Past-life Regression falls within that description too?

Using hypnosis as a route to enter past life, we find two main explanations for past-life regression.

One is that it is a symptom of our human ability to be creative and express ourselves in a way which might not be available to us in another way. We might do this, for example by simply making up some story or becoming under the impression that we had had the experience which we had just made up using our human creativity.

The other is that, past-life regression is a real effect and works in a way which is not fully understood today. There are, after all, many such effects which we accept as part of our life and which are not fully, or at all, understood.

The Swiss psychologist and philosopher, Professor Carl Gustav Jung discussed some of the mysteries which form parts of our lives but which are little understood. He drew attention to the possibility of a shared    consciousness.

Such a phenomenon might easily explain past-life regression by allowing that when we are born we arrive here with certain innate knowledge such as, for example, how to walk. It is only a little step further to allow that this process enables us to carry other memories. One does not even require a spiritual appreciation of existence to understand that.

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