Psychic Mediumship

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There are many aspects of Mediumship which we should consider when embarking upon a study of the subject.

For example, what sort of person can become a Medium and what skills or abilities will they require. We might look too at the religious and legal considerations. Can anyone simply set up as a Psychic Medium and start practising? What are the views of different religions to Mediums and Mediumship? We might also want to look at the incidences of psychic fraud and how that does impact on the practice of Mediumship and what types of fraud there are.

In looking at fraud and fraudulent mediums we can also look at how Mediumship can be shown to work amongst the community of non-fraudulent mediums. For example is there any underlying scientific basis to the effect or is it all just the say so of well meaning individuals who think that they have some psychic gift.

Finally, folk have to eat and keep a roof over their heads and look after their families. In short, Mediums have to earn money.

The Institute’s parent college, the College of Management Science, London offers good distance learning courses in
Psychic Practitioner and
Psychic Mediumship
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A good psychic can bring much happiness and peace of mind to many people.

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